How do I leave a review?

My goal is to offer high quality, effective and affordable products and your feedback is an important tool for me to know what's working and what might benefit from a little tweaking.  Please visit the item description page and click on "write a review" at the bottom of the page.  You don't have to give any identifying information and can leave a review anonymously.  Thank you!

What is the shelf life of your tinctures?

Due to the high alcohol content, tinctures have a shelf life of several years as long as the bottle is kept tightly capped, out of direct sunlight and at room temperature.  Refrigeration is not necessary. 

How many doses in a bottle of tincture?

Here are the numbers (approximately):

4 oz bottle = 212 dropperfuls

2 oz bottle = 106 dropperfuls

1 oz bottle = 53 dropperfuls

How long a bottle of tincture lasts depends on how many dropperfuls a day you consume.  These numbers should help you do the math.

What is a dropperful?  

One squeeze of the rubber bulb.  The droppers all have the same size rubber bulb regardless of the size of the glass part.  A dropperful is about 15 drops and will not actually fill the dropper.  

What is no-till gardening?

When soil is left in its natural state, it is a perfectly balanced and healthy ecosystem, an underground zoo full of all sorts of life including microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, earthworms and bugs of all kinds.  No-till gardening aims to disturb this intricate web of life as little as possible so these soil organisms can thrive.  Tilling or digging in your garden destroys this fragile network of beneficial organisms.  Not only is it hard work, but it also brings dormant weed seeds to the surface where they can germinate,  makes your garden more susceptible to soil erosion, decreases its water retention and drainage capacities, and disrupts the natural balance of pests and predators.  In a no-till garden, organic amendments like compost and mulch are layered on top of the soil, smothering weeds while protecting and providing nutrients for the ecosystem underneath.  This process mimics nature and helps maintain a garden with healthy soil structure, good aeration and drainage, an abundance of nutritional organic matter, and a robust earthworm population.  Healthy soil produces healthy plants with maximal medicinal potential. 

What does "organically grown" mean?

I grow all my herbs and mushrooms without any chemical pesticides, fertilizers or fungicides.  Mushrooms (except shiitake) are cultivated in an indoor grow room with a controlled environment.  Shiitakes are grown outside on hardwood logs.  No chemicals are necessary and would actually be detrimental to the mushrooms.  In my no-till herb gardens I use only compost for fertilizer, spent mushroom substrate for mulch, and control the pest population by constant vigilance, old fashioned hand squishing and the occasional spray of soapy water. 

Are you a doctor?

No!  As such, I am not qualified to give medical advice.  Please consult your physician before using any of the products offered on this website.  

Do you ship internationally?

Yes.  Here is my international shipping policy:  I am happy to ship outside the US but do not offer refunds or replacements for these orders.  If your package is lost and does not arrive, I will not issue a refund.  If your package is refused by customs and returns to me with its contents intact, I will issue a refund for the value of the contents but not the shipping.  I am not responsible for any custom charges, duty fees or taxes your country may charge you.  When you place an order that needs to be shipped outside of the US, it is assumed that you have read and accepted my international shipping policy.